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At the Global Fleet Summit in January 2021 participants can detect, select and implement the solutions that best fit their fleet and mobility business strategies in Asia Pacific.

Since 2000 in particular, the economies of APAC have grown and internationalised, increasing the need for attractive employee benefits and the need for valuable mobility solutions, both for consumers and corporates. However, multinational corporations often struggle to optimise their vehicle fleet management practices in the Asia Pacific region.

The fleet ecosystem in APAC is rich, complex and diverse, both in terms of economic maturity and cultural differences. This presents all players in the fleet and mobility industry with specific challenges and opportunities.

Global Fleet is hosting a Global Fleet Summit APAC, a fully virtual event that will gather fleet and mobility leaders with an international and regional scope.

The Global Fleet Summit APAC is targeted at fleet and mobility managers with regional responsibility in APAC or with global responsibility including APAC. Specialists in other departments with fleet responsibilities will also find the Summit most useful, including departments like Procurement, HR, Finance, Facility Management or General Management.

In a series of keynotes, breakout sessions, and expert debates, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • How to approach APAC in an international fleet strategy?
  • How does the fleet & mobility landscape look like in the APAC region?<
  • How to set the baseline for your fleet management in APAC?
  • Which finance models are preferred and who are the suppliers?
  • How ro secure cost-control in APAC?
  • How can connectivity help you manage your APAC fleet?
  • What new mobility solutions are available and how can you integrate them in your fleet and mobility strategy?

The Global Fleet Summit APAC on 20 and 21 January 2021 will also provide you with ample opportunities to network and share your experiences. The online conference platform will also be the place for virtual one-to-one meetings, via text, audio and video.

For Global Fleet, which has many years' experience organising the Global Fleet Conference and the Fleet LatAm Conference, adding the APAC region to the event calendar was a logical next step.

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